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Many people don’t know that Einstein was a
shitty person.
Oh sure, he did many great things like find out
about the speed of light.

But I bet you didn’t know that Einstein coauthored
many of his works with his ex, but when the time
came for the credits to roll, only his name was printed
on the screen.

I bet you didn’t know he left his wife because of the
hands of other women, reaching out for him because
they wanted his fame; that the one person who
stood by him when he was crazy and poor, was left
to stare after the retreating shadow of a man who
built his affections around e=mc2 and later divorced
her to marry his cousin.

When he found his fame
he ended up figuring
out how to catch the formula for light in his hand
and forgot how to hold onto human beings.

See, sometimes there are great people who do
wonderful things
things that go beyond themselves
but leave a part of humanity behind
just to be integrated into the glamorous life.

And sometimes, it is sad to think that
our society
our innovations
are built on the bones of great people
with declining morals.

w.f. (letmebehappyagain.tumblr)

Sometimes there are instances where the
patriarchal part of society breaches through
the thick layers of feminism set up to protect our
skin, and I want to push them back to where
they belong.
Because when my dad gets angry because we
did not fill up his bowl with food, I have to
wonder if feminism is even working because
there are picket lines and strikes held to promote
women rights but something as simple as family
life is still stained with the nature of a man in charge.

And still it is not all men’s fault because
sometimes we become a part of our problem.

She looks at him like he is prince charming
striding in to complete her fairy tale
and I wonder why boys are allowed to talk
to girls but the vice versa cannot occur without
some nasty comment about being a desperate
Because she’s looking at him and saying, “He’s
such a nice guy” and I’m wondering if she were
to see a girl talking to a guy and god forbid maybe
initiating the conversation, whether she would
say, “She’s such a nice girl.”
There are all sorts of names synonymous with
a social girl
names like slut, whore, aggressive flirt.
But when a social boy arrives on the scene,
he is dubbed as a friendly guy or a player.
A friendly guy like he has stooped down to our
level to grace us with his presence
and a player like he has picked apart girls
like they are toys to be thrown around.

Girls are made out to be such terrible creatures,
if we talk too much, we are picked apart by
our own kind.

And maybe that’s why the feminist movement
is becoming the laughingstock of society.
I mean, we were heading up the hill for a
while but we started to level out as soon as
we started fighting for things that do not mean
the same thing.
Getting mad at a man for opening the door or
running down catwalks with your shirts off
promotes the crazy and bizarre and only
drives us towards a different direction.
Because in the name of feminism, women have
been able to reconstruct social norms but never
ever have they moved the core
and in the name of feminism, women have
been able to change people’s minds, but never
have they changed their own.

w.f. (letmebehappyagain)